Thursday, March 28, 2013

Body Piercings Jewelry - Navel Piercing at Flux Piercing Studio

Flux Piercing Studio was set up in May 2001 with the aim of offering our customers a high quality, unpretentious and friendly body piercing service.
piercings jewellery We combined this with stocking a large range of the best, quality assured, British, German and USA manufactured body jewellery that we could source. We had the foresight to feel that body piercing had moved on and there was no longer any excuse for "seedy" or "pretentious" studios that made their customers feel unwelcome.
Piercing Studio Navel piercing has now become one of the most popular piercings seen on the streets of the UK. It is still more popular with women, but there are quite a few men who have it pierced too. In the early 90's Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington were seen sporting navel piercings and it's popularity has grown ever since.
piercings body The average healing time is between four and six months but navels can take anywhere up to eighteen months to heal in some people - so be prepared to keep up the cleaning for that long. We initially pierce with either a bananabell or a ball closure ring. The most popular jewellery option is to initially fit a navel piercing with a bananabell as they come in so many colour, material and jewel variations and tend to catch less than rings during the healing process.
We always leave a small amount of room to allow for swelling and for it to be easily cleaned. Once the first eight weeks and the risk of swelling has passed the initial bananabell can be changed by us (please do not attempt this change yourself!) for a smaller one that fits more snugly or a different colour/style which we then recommend you leave in until the end of the healing time.

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