Saturday, October 29, 2011

Belly Button Rings Guide.Com - Double Navel Piercings

Navel body piercing has always been exotic and fashionable. But of the various types of navel body piercing, however, the sexiest and most attractive is the double navel piercing. The navel has always been voted one of the most attractive features in a woman and there is no better way to make it look even more gorgeous than with a simple navel piercing or a double navel piercing.

Double Navel Piercings

You have probably seen a lot of celebrities wow their fans with sexy belly button piercings. In fact, Alicia Silverstone is credited with making belly button piercings famous in Aerosmith’s video – Cryin. Well, these days just about everyone can go in for one and the good news is that it is neither expensive nor very painful!
The navel piercing is done through the rim of the navel, at the skin fold. Some people prefer one on top and one at the bottom of the belly button, where the top is at the top ridge of the navel and the bottom is the inverse belly piercing on the bottom ridge of the navel. This naturally depends on how much skin is available. The double navel piercing is often joined with a single barbell to give you a navel industrial piercing.

Navel piercings

When you get your double navel piercing done, ensure that you get it done with an experienced piercer. Make sure that safe first time piercing materials are used because you want to avoid the risk of infection. Also ask your piercer about how to take care of the piercing to help it heal fast. Experts will advise you to go with a PTFE barbell that is flexible and safe.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Body Jewelry & Accessories at FreshTrends.Com

FreshTrends™ was established in 2003 and has grown to be among the most recognized names in the body jewelry & fashion accessory industry. We offer one of the largest collections of body jewelry online, and an ever growing selection of fine jewelry, rings, earrings & bracelets. As a family owned and operated business we take huge pride in your satisfaction as our customer. "We place an emphasis on quality, selection, and price with the goal of earning customers that return often, and spread the word about the value and service offered at"

Body Jewelry & Accessories

Here you can select and buy cartilage earrings, nose rings, belly button jewelry & nipple rings, labrets, lip studs, eyebrow rings, navel rings & tragus earrings. Our accessory line includes 14K gold earrings, bracelets, toe rings and rings. "We have over 20,000 piercing and jewelry items on We are supremely confident that we have an item for every style and budget, from the most elegant expensive belly rings to large gauge plugs that will blow you away without hurting your wallet. We add thousands of items each year and encourage you to check back often for all of your body piercing jewelry needs."

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011 - Safe Body Piercing

In this online store retailing the latest in non piercing body jewelry and fake clip on navel belly rings, Clipbitz. "We also have a large range of fake ear stretching plugs and fake nipple rings that are a great alternative to a traditional body piercing."

Safe Body Piercing

The range of clip on belly rings that we sell uses a worldwide patented spring clip that comfortably clips onto the upper part of the belly button. When not required it is easily removed for swimming or sleeping etc. For the fashion conscious teenager who is either too young for a navel piercing or maybe scared of the piercing process and the aftercare these are the ideal solution. They are available in a range of designs either in 925 Sterling Silver or 14Kt Gold plated Silver and use high quality Swarovski gem stones. They are the best performing fake belly rings we have seen to date and are the result of two years testing prior to their release on the open market.

You can also select and buy of non piercing nipple rings and fake ear plugs that use a standard ear piecing hole but give an 8mm stretched ear look.

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