Monday, August 27, 2012

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Welcome to Painful Pleasures Body Jewelry Belly Rings and Enjoy! At Painful Pleasures you will find great choices in Body Jewelry and piercing supplies including belly rings, tongue rings, nipple rings, nose rings and much more piercing Jewelry.
Painful Pleasures Body Jewelry Belly Rings We offer the largest selection of high-quality body jewelry at the best prices in the industry. From tongue rings to navel rings, labret studs, belly button rings, captive bead rings, dangle navel jewelry, logo rings, nipple rings, top down navel charms, nose rings, piercing parts, piercing tools, plugs, flares, tubes, surface barbells, piercing retainers, eyebrow rings, and beyond, everything you need is right here in our one-stop body piercing shop!
New Items Each piece is polished to a mirror finish and offered in the largest variety of lengths and diameters available. You'll find any length, width and ball size you could possibly want—including large-gauge jewelry in 1/4" lengths—all at prices guaranteed to be lower than our competitors'. If you shop around and find a better deal somewhere else, let us know and we'll beat it!