Monday, October 8, 2012

Body Piercings - Jewelry at

Spencer Gifts LLC, a lifestyle retail company operates two unique, national brands, Spencer’s and Spirit Halloween throughout the United States, Canada and online. Spencer’s Spencer’s is the mall destination for entertainment, excitement and fun.
Jewelry at For over 60 years we have been offering unique product for the lifestyle style of our core 18-24 year old guest, always inspired by humor and irreverence. Originally a mail-order catalog in Easton,
PA, Spencer’s has been the leader in fun and novel products from the Whoopie Cushion to lava lights.  In 1963 Spencer’s expanded its reach and opened its first store in the Cherry Hill Mall in Cherry Hill, New Jersey where we continue to operate.
Body Piercings Jewelry From the outset, Spencer’s quickly became an oasis within the mall environment offering our guests an entertaining experience both through its merchandising and product mix.  In 2003, under new management, Spencer’s lifted the bar higher and set out to reinvent itself.  Remaining true to its roots, the reinvention process remained focused on Spencer’s strong history and commitment to irreverence, humor and fun.

The result of this reinvention set Spencer’s on the path to greatness in a subtle shift from Spencer Gifts to Spencer’s. Today, Spencer’s operates over 600 stores throughout the United States, Canada and online and is proud to be one of the longest running shows in the mall.  Strong operating disciplines combined with our unique merchandising formula underpins our continued growth.  We are committed to, and focused on, our core mission “Life’s a Party—We’re Makin’ it Fun!”

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