Sunday, April 1, 2012

Double Navel Piercings by

A connecting belly ring to join together two navel piercings. The bars are made from PTFE which is very flexible, to put less pressure on your piercings than the same design with metal bars would.
Piercings by The middle ball is surgical steel, and the design is available with a plain steel middle ball, or crystal balls in various colours. Each bar is around 10mm long - please specify if you would like them longer.
Double Navel Piercings And in 2004, Pierced & Modified was born. Since then, we have grown and grown and travelled through several incarnations to our present day form, accumulating customers, staff and new friends along the way.

This new website is the latest of a few; bigger, better and shinier than the previous versions. Other forms our adventure has taken us through include a very brief carboot stall, several market stalls of varying sizes and locations, an eBay shop, a travelling roadshow and even two real live high street shops of our very own.

We love the buzz of the shop and meeting all our customers face to face, but feel it is important to not confine our goodies to just the people of Hamilton and surrounding areas, as there are people all over the world who share our passion for piercing . If you're one of them, join us in our quest to make the world a better place, one piercing at a time, and pass our link onto your friends.
Double Navel Piercings by We continue to grow and develop, but our restless feet have calmed down and our leases gone from 'month by month' to 'ten-year-with-no-break-option', so this may well be our final reincarnation.

We have found our home, and we're here to stay. All that restless energy will just have to be put to more productive use, such as expanding our product range and providing outstanding service. Oh well, such is life.

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