Saturday, February 4, 2012

Titanium Piercings by - Original Gift for Valentine's Day

Titanium piercings can be purchased in many different and unique forms. There are belly button rings, curved and straight barbells, closure rings with balls, lip pieces, studs for the nose, and other interesting pieces for other types of piercings. There are also captive bead rings, navel rings, horseshoes, labrets, and nose rings.
Titanium Piercings by
Titanium body piercing jewelry while very beautiful and dainty is also three times lighter than stainless steel. Titanium is inert and resistant to everyday wear. It also resists corrosion. Being 100% allergen free, many people pick this dark metal for their first piercing.
Original Gift for Valentine's Day
This is due to less infection problems with Titanium as opposed to gold or silver. This metal is also great for those people with sensitive skin. People who have problems with discolored skin around the piercing won't have that problem with Titanium.

Many people also enjoy solid black jewelry where the Titanium is covered with special black paint. Normally, titanium body jewelry will be a metallic gun metal gray color. It can go with anything and you can mix and match to get a great look. It is resistant to any type of body fluids so that keeps infection down as well as allergic reactions. It is an all around great metal to start out with or to start wearing now.

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