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Allegedly navel jewelry came to the surface of society in the early 90ies when the top models like Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell appeared on stage sporting belly button rings. Around that time navel piercing scene was shown in the Aerosmith's video Cryin 'where Alicia Silverstone was getting pierced. - Navel Jewelry Store

The above mentioned events are believed to make millions of girls running to the piercing parlors and getting their belly buttons pierced. As time passed the belly piercing became as common as ear piercing and less and less people consider it to belong to other piercing categories like facial, tongue or surface piercings.

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Girls get their navels pierced at earlier stage and the average age seems to be around 14 years. Many celebrities sport belly piercings and eventually the stigma making parents to forbid their daughters getting navel piercing disappears.

Belly button rings today for the most part are considered necessary accessory to many as the length of shirts and blouses go up and the hip line goes down. The belly for many will look bare if it does not have anything to show on it except the bare navel, and so the belly button ring found its route to popularity.

Belly Button Rings is a modern invention and has never been recorded in primitive cultures; however the navel has long been recognized as an erogenous zone, because of the difference between men's and women's stomachs. Belly Button rings is the most popular piercing.

No other piercing marks the modern American piercing scene like the navel piercing. If you ask the average person considering the belly button rings or other navel jewelry, you will probably hear that it is just plain sexy. Belly button piercing collection: dangling belly rings, gold belly rings, cheap diamond belly rings and more designer navel jewelry for you.

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